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Dec 9 2014

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The one major rule is that you must not download and distribute anything we‘ve made. By “distribute anything we‘ve made” what we mean is “give copies of the data away, make commercial use of, try to make money from, or let other people get access to our data and its parts in a way that is unfair or unreasonable”The one major rule is that you must not distribute anything we‘ve made.

Album Detail

Min Pay Tae Ka Bar(City FM 2nd Anniversary) - မင္းေပးတဲ့ကမၻာ ႏွင့္ CITY FM ( ၂ ႏွစ္ျပည့္ )

  • Nay Tine Nya Tine
    • ေန႔တုိင္း ညတုိင္း
  • A Chine Nae Nay Yar
    • အခ်ိန္နဲ႔ေနရာ
  • Yout Yu Lite
    • ေရာ့ယူလုိက္
  • Twae Latt Myar
    • တြဲလက္မ်ား
  • A Chit Ta Khu Ba Wa Ta Khu
    • အခ်စ္တစ္ခုဘ၀တစ္ခု
  • Pay Sat Chin Myar Swar Nae
    • ေပးဆပ္ျခင္းမ်ားစြာနဲ႔
  • Min Pay Tae Ka Bar
    • မင္းေပးတဲ့ကမၻာ
  • Shay Sat Yan Sin Sar Par
    • ေရွ႕ဆက္ရန္စဥ္းစားပါ
  • Youne Lar
    • ယုံလား
  • Ka Lay A Twe
    • ကေလးအေတြး!

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